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Welcome to website!
 is a website built to serve storing, statistics, and searching for lost people (relatives, friends, martyrs,…). By the slogan "For the reunion of Vietnamese families", the target of the founder group of the website - Bionet Vietnam Biotechnology JSC - is aiming to assist the community, solving social problems and to contribute to the construction of our country and to demonstrate responsibility of young scientists.

     Being designed and devised by professional and experienced staff, has the perfect searching system for lost people, which has rectified current problems of people-searching websites. has the auto-search function based on data from customers with the 4 following searching objectives:


   - Searching lost relatives: For various reasons, many families have been separated, and finding lost members to reunite the whole family is the expectation of many people. Bionet Vietnam sympathizes and understands that wish, so we have invested capital and human resources to build the system to look for lost relatives. Using this tool, you only need to provide information about yourself (the finder) and information about the person you're looking for. The system will automatically search and give you common matching profiles. Besides, you can also update the results whenever you access your account to recieve recent and appropriate profiles. The searching system of Bionet Vietnam is believed to be the most advanced at present, which has solved and overcome many potential disadvantages whilst using other searching systems.


  - Searching martys' information: Surviving through the two brutal wars, the aftermath and appalling effect on the Vietnamese people seem never to be fully healed. There're still many tears shed by Vietnamese families as long as they haven't found the remains of their loved ones. They have been persevering in this long journey to find graves of their families' members.

    At present, there are many websites founded by groups and enthusiastic people with the same idea: "We should express our gratitude to martyrs not only by building cemeteries, holding commemoration events, but also helping their families find them". To achieve that goal, Bionet Vietnam have developed this website with a smart and effective searching system for martyrs' information (for both martyrs and their relatives), so that their families, relating groups and unions have more opportunities to reach that kind of information.


  - The DNA bank for missing people: This is pioneering software based upon the most reliable DNA recognition technology. With this software, you will be able to find your relative even though you may not remember the exact information about that person (what you have to remember, at least, is that you have a relative who's missing). The information of your DNA will be kept in the system permanently. As far as the reputation of the project, someday your relative may provide his/her DNA for us to find you. Then you will receive a report about the matching result through DNA comparison processes.


   - Friend-finding messages: In many cases, the people we want to find or meet again are not our relatives. They may be dear friends, or people who once helped us, or friends we have met through social connections, or even some strangers who left impression on us so that we would want to make acquaintance with or to ask for their contact information,… If you're in such a situation, you can post messages in the "Find Friends" section, because maybe the person you're looking for is looking forward to meeting you again, and he/she may even be a person who usually reads sentimental messages on… The earth is round, if you give yourself a chance, you'll probably find happiness from that.


    Bionet Vietnam has developed with sheer enthusiasm, passion and ambition of a new generation of young scientists, the people who are dedicated to their responsibility with their country. However, besides many good features, the website can't avoid some certain disadvantages. We truly appreciate all comments, contributions and support from our visitors to enhance the website more effectively, so that we can help more people find their lost ones and reunite families back together.

                                                                                                                                                                                           Our sincere thanks!

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