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1. How to create an account:
Registering an account on is optional and totally free.
To create an account, please choose "Register"and fill in the registration form:

  • - Username is the name used to login to your account.
  • - Email address will be required in case you forget your password.
  • - Password should be entered twice to be verified.
  • - You should complete all required fields (which have the star signs (*).

As soon as you have completed your registration, you'll need to check your email and activate your account. Once your account has been activated, you can "login" and use the full service of the website.

2. How to login
Enter your activated username and password in the login form.

3. You have forgotten your password?
If you have forgotten your password, please click "Forgot Password?" in the login form and enter the email address you used to register. Then click the "Send Request" button. A new random password will be sent to your email.
Please check your email to for your new password. You can change that password after you have logged in successfully.

4. Changing your account information:
After you have logged in to the system, you can click "Profile" at the top right corner to change your account information. After all changes have been completed, click the "Save Changes" button to finish.

5. Change your password:
After the login, you can change your password by clicking "Profile". You'll have to enter the current password and the new password (the new password will need to be entered twice for verification).

6. Create a searching profile:
Create profiles on is completely free. For different types of searching lost people, you can create profiles in one the following categories:
- Find Relatives
- Find Martyrs (including martyrs' graves and their relatives)
- Find Relatives through the DNA Bank (please read terms and conditions of our company for further information)
- Find Friends
Please read the instructions of each section carefully and provide as much information as possible to increase the chance of finding a possible match.
After you have finished, please click “Finish and post". The profile you have created will be stored in the system for quality control. If your profile doesn't violate the rules of, we will approve and display your profile on the website within 12 hours. If your profile needs more information or contains errors, we will contact you to confirm or edit it. In case your profile conflicts with terms and conditions of the website, we have the right to delete it without your permission.

6.1. View your profiles:
To view the profiles you have posted, click on "Profile" at the top right corner and choose "View Profile List" on the left side of the screen. Click on each profile's name to view its details.

6.2. Edit profiles:
Choose "Edit" in "View Profile List" to change the content of your profiles. Click "Submit " to save your changes.

6.3. Delete profiles:
Choose "Delete" in "View Profile List" to delete your profiles from the system.

6.4. Results Update:
By clicking on "Result Updates", you can check and find most matching profiles based upon your current searching criteria.

7. Quick Search:
You can use 2 kinds of search options available on the website:

7.1. Quick search for missing relatives:
Click "Find Relatives" and fill in the form. Then click "Search", you'll know if someone has posted a profile to find you.

7.2. Quick search for martyrs:
Choose "Find Martyrs" and finish the form. You'll know if someone has news about the martyr's grave or his/her relatives.

8. Contact with the management board:
To contact the administrators of website, please click "Contact" on the top navigation bar. Complete the form and click "Submit" to send an email to the administrators.

If you have any difficulties in using our website services, please contact us via: for more instructions.